Postawka Family

New!!! (3 May 06)

You can find some new information added to our genealogical tree. There is also new 'Flash' version, without pictures and additional text information but much more natural and simple to understand than 'html' version. Please use link 'Genealogy' on the left side.
I have got plenty of amazing family pictures from Schweitzer family. It will be on our website gallery soon.

Postawka it is not a common name in the world. You can find us mainly in Poland and a little in Germany and USA. Probably we are all relatives. Now it is good time to find our roots, to meet together and to try build history of our family.

I try to find all materials about our family, about all of our relatives - not only a blood relations. I have found more then 900 individuals conected with us. You can use "Genealogy" link to look for the reults.
It is very important to find honest sources for this job. All writing materials are very significiant, we are looking for birth, death and matrimonium certifacates, all kinds of  indenity cards, testimonies, business letters, legal attestations and  so on. We are seeking also for family pictures and family stories. Please send us all information you have - we will be very gratefull.

 We do it for all our children and grandchildren. Information we are collecting should be invaluable for them.  

Many polish families. similar us, try to restore the past. They organize all together, arrange family reunions, prints family bulletins, investigate archives. It is a long way, but we want to make first step on this way - let us meet all together on our first Family Postawka Reunion.