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Postawka Genealogy

It is very difficult to present so big and complicated family tree on the Internet.

  1. Complete information in Polish   about Postawka family and their affinities. Currently (June 2015) covers approx. 1420 people.
    Pages are generated automatically by the Polish program "Family Tree II"
  3. Genealogical tree   complete information, as above, but partially in English. Currently (June 2015) covers approx. 1420 people.

  4. and more archive:

  5. The graphic representation of the PDF file   or the graphic representation in jpg   almost all the collected data. Currently (May 2014) covers approx. 1030 people.
    The files are quite large, please show your patience while loading.         
  6. Part of the tree   in pdf format including only Postawka family (2006 version.)
  8. English HTML version - It comes from April 2006 and covers over 880 people. Pages were generated automatically by the Great Family. (26-04-2006).
              This version of HTML includes all the information I gathered, photos and additional descriptions. (Descriptions unfortunately only in Polish)

Please inform me about any errors and mistakes.


Please feel free to send any additional information!!!